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Rita Harvey Counselling Psychotherapy Basingstoke Practice Entrance

Welcome to my practice

Scared of beginning, of counselling, of taking the first step? Do you worry what you might find, who will open the door, and what will it be like?

You are not alone, and you won't be the last one to feel like this. I would be like you myself in your place. In fact, I still remember the anxiety, and at times I, too, feel like that.

Rita Harvey Counselling Psychotheraoy Basingstoke Practice Room

Whether you come on your own, with your partner or somebody who is just making sure you got here safely, do come in and come through to my working room. I work from home and the space use is just as you come in. You will find a couple of comfy sofas to sit, I have a small tub chair and some objects around me to help us if we need them: small tables, pens and paper, whiteboard, card machine...

The first thing I will ask you, after the greetings, will be "what brings you here?". It is best to start with clear ideas of what is happening with you and what you want to achieve through counselling. It is also useful to me so that I can start to formulate how to structure our work. Different people need different things or therapeutic approaches. Some people come to be heard, some come to manage or overcome an issue. We need to contract what type of outcome you are seeking, and how I can support that.


I like my room to be a cosy, relaxed place. I think it is important that you feel comfortable and that we can establish a good working alliance. There will be challenges and there will be reflections, emotions or insights, but these can happen best when both of us are in tune. Apparently, therapy or counselling are most effective when counsellor and client have a good relationship, regardless of the approach the therapist uses! 

What is the therapeutic alliance? It is the trust between you and your therapist that allows you to work together effectively. It’s what helps you to believe that your therapist is trustworthy and has your best interest at heart — so even if you become angry or disappointed with your therapist, you can believe you can continue to work together productively.

In any case we will discuss things thoroughly in the session. I hope this brief introduction to my practice has been useful and went some way to familiarise you with my place and my way of working. See you soon.

Rita Harvey Counselling Psychotherapy Basingstoke practice
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