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To arrange an appointment or ask for more information, please call me on 0794 1134218, alternatively, you can use the contact page on this website or

I offer an introductory meeting of up to 60 minutes, and half price. This allows us to get to know each other, find out what brings you to therapy and see if we can work together, with no obligation for either of us to continue beyond this time.

If you decide to take up counselling with me, I need to ask you more details and discuss some administration issues. This can follow the introductory session.

Ongoing appointments are usually weekly, and last 1 hour. This is your time, during which you can talk about your experiences, explore and find a voice for your inner world.

Please be punctual, I work on a schedule and I cannot offer a lot of flexibility. If you are a couple of minutes early I will let you in, but if you are too early I might still be with another person, so just wait for me. If you come late you lose your time!

Telephone and Online Counselling

I offer telephone and online counselling when face-to-face contact is not possible. They are conducted and charged the same way. I have worked remotely for a while and I am very experienced in delivering counselling this way.


What you say during the sessions is strictly confidential. By law, there are only rare occasions that may require disclosure, but this will always be discussed together.

I keep and store brief notes of the sessions in accordance to the GDPR rules and I am registered with the ICO.


Current standard hourly rate for counselling is £60.

Couple therapy £ 75 per hour.

Student counsellor / psychotherapist £50.

You can pay by cash, cheque and card. Other methods (online, paypal) on request.

Holidays and cancellations

We will give each other notice for holidays or work trips. While I am away, or should I be ill, there will be no session and no charge for you.

Should you miss an agreed or regular session you will be charged a cancellation fee. I am sometimes able to offer an appointment on another day but I cannot guarantee I have the availability.

Please call us to book an introductory session or arrange an appointment

0794 1134218

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